NameEgg Breaking Machine
Type:Egg breaking machine
Application fields:Cannery, Beverage factory, Bakery
Material:Food Grade Stainless Steel
Usage:Food Industry Equipment
Capacity:8000-24000 eggs/hour
After-sales Service:Online support, Engineers available to install
Egg liquid yield:99.5
Brand Name:Grande
Warranty:1 year

Product Description

The egg breaking machine is widely used for many food processing factories, such as cake and egg flour factories and also other related food grade enterprises that process the egg liquid. The finished products can be used to make cake, sweet, pie, noodles, etc. It has different efficiency to meet customers different consumption requirements.

Advantages of the Egg Breaking Machine

1. Made of food grade 304 stainless steel;

2. Reliable characteristics and easy operation which can improve the working efficiency and save much labor cost;

3. No complicate installation steps, easy installation with professional guidance;

4. Automatic control and working, few people watch and operate is ok;

5. Convenient cleaning of breaking device and egg fluid collecting device.

6. The success rate of breaking claw picking eggs is 99.5%;

7. Reasonable and firm designing, no questions to loose, fall off and other issues;

8. Low investment and small occupying area and less electricity consumption;

9. The thickness of the steel plate is not less than 1.2mm;

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