NameMineral Water Filling Equipment
Name:Mineral Water Filling Equipment
Application fields:Beverage factory
Driven Type:Electric
Automatic Grade:Automatic
Usage:Mineral Water Filling Machine Price
Filling speed:6000-9000Bottles/hour
Filling temperature:5-40℃
Bottle type:Round/Square Bottle

Product Description

Application of the Mineral Water Filling Machine Price

This is a three-in-one water filling machine that has the function of washing, filling and capping. It use the most advanced technology, especially design for the water.


Mineral Water Filling Machine Price Working process

By pneumatic conveying the empty bottle send to the bottle washing machine.  After washing and drying send to the filling machine. The filling use gravity filling. By thumb-wheel the bottle go into the capping machine. After finish the capping, convey by the train to next step.


Advantage of the Mineral Water Filling Machine Price

1. The machine is high compact structure, perfect control system, high automatic degree, easy to operate.

2. If want to change the bottle shape, just need to change the capping part star wheel.

3. All the part touch the water use stainless steel material, easy to clean.

4. Use high speed filling valve, guarantee the liquid level accuracy.

5. Cap seal use magnetic constant torque device, guarantee the capping quality, and donot break the cap.

6. Use high efficiency capping system, has perfect self-control and protect device.

7. It has perfect over-load protect device, can protect the machine and operator.

8. The control system has the function of producing system control, cap lack detection, bottle block self stop and output counting.

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